Study Of Physics

CH.1                                       Physics-An Introduction

The word physics is derived from Greek word fusis, meaning nature or natural things.
As such, physics is
defined as that branch of science, which studies natural phenomena in terms of basic laws and physical quantities.
The study is
generally structured to satisfy queries, arising from the observed events occurring around our world. In this sense, Physics answers questions about universe and the way elements of universe interact to compose natural phenomena.

The underlying principles in physics are simple and general, but defining (basic) in nature. Elements and quantities used to describe natural phenomena are also general and basic. The whole of universe, as a matter of fact, can be considered to be comprising of two basic quantities :
(i) matter and (ii) energy.
For this reason, some
physicists rightly define physics as the study of matter and energy.
Goal Of Physics :
So the  goal of physics is to provide an understanding of nature. The science of physics was developed to explain our physical environment.
Ch.02: Measurement
Motion And Force
Ch.06: Equilibrium
Ch.07: Circular Motion and Gravition
Ch.08: Work,Power And Energy
Ch.09: Simple Machines
Ch.10: Properties of Matter
Ch.11: Heat
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