Study Of Physics

Importance of Physics in Daily Life

Physics plays an important role in our daily life

Loud Speaker

We wake up early in the morning when Azan is called from a mosque on a loud speaker

Water Tap & Tube Well

When we open water tap for ablution for the prayer or for washing up, the water reaches us by following lawas of physics
We draw water from a well with help of pully
We use the well to draw out water from under ground water reservoir.


All means of transport , bicycle,tonga, car, bus ,and aeroplane work on the principle of Physics. Man has already reached at moon ,space stations are being bult up to reache other plants.


Rockets an invention of Physics have opened up pathways between plants
Rockets are use for many purpose.So it is possible with the help of Physics

Television &  V.C.R

The dramas shown on the television and the programs recorded on the V.C.R. for the sake of entertainment , are also the outcome of the research in Physics

Medical Sciece

Physics has not only made progress in its own field but it has also introduced new avenues of research in other fields of knowledge.
X-rays , Ultrasonic , LASER ,E.C.G, E.E.G, Fiber optics and numerous other such tools have brought revolutionary changesin the diagnostic techniques of medical science.