Study Of Physics

What is Physics ?

Different questions arise in our mind when we look at various phenomena of nature around us.
We start thinking why the Sun always rises in the East and sets in the Wests? How do motor
car move? How does an aeroplane fly in the sky? Why do land and see breeze blow in the coastal
areas? How sound is produced when we speak? How our image is seen in a mirror? How room is
lighted by just pushing an electric switch?
We get the answer to these questions in physics.All phenomena of this kind in the universe
are related to matter and energy,thus

    Physics is that branch of science which
    deals with the study of properties of matter,
    energy and their mutual relationship.


Ch.02 :Measurement
Ch.03: Kinematics
Ch.04: Motion And Force
Ch.05: Vectors
Ch.06: Equilibrium
Ch.07: Circular Motion and Gravition
Ch.08: Work,Power And Energy
Ch.09: Simple Machines
Ch.10: Properties of Matter
Ch.11: Heat