Study Of Physics

Scientific Method

Scientific method is a specific method used to search for truth. It is based on the following steps.
1.     Observation
       The first step in scientific method is to make observations of natural processes and collect the data about them.
For example, it is our common observation that shadow of an opaque object is formed when it is placed in the path of light coming from the Sun or lamp

2.     Hypothesis
        On the basis of the data collected through observation or experiments, we can develop a hypothesis.
This is done in order to test its logical results
For example , from above example , we assume that shadows of opaque objects are formed when they come in the path of light because light travels in a straight line.

3.     Experiment
        Experiment is an organized repeatable process which is used to test the truth of the hypothesis.

4.     Theory
         After the successful verification of an assumption and with the help of  careful experimentation, it become a theory and is applicable  to the similar phenomenon.
For example ,with the help of the above experiment the assumption has been proved that light travels in a straight line.So it then become theory.

5.     Prediction
        After the careful analysis of a theory we can make predictions about certain unknown aspects of nature.
To verify the prediction, a new experiment has to design. If the experimental result is in accurance

6.     Law
          The law is such a statement regarding the behaviour  of nature which axplains the observation of the past and can predict about other aspects of nature.