Study Of Physics

Physical Quantities

A physical quantity is that quantity  that can be measured .
A physical quantity is usually expressed as the product of numerical value and a physical unit.
Physical quantity is the numerical value of a measurable property that describes a physical system's state
Length  ,Time ,Mass, Force , Speed , Volume  ,Density , Temperature , Electric Charge etc

Types Of Physical Quantities

There are two types of physical Quanties
Base Quanties:-
Derived Quanties:-
Ch.1 :Physics - An Introduction
Ch.02 :Measurement

Ch.03: Kinematics
Ch.04: Motion And Force
Ch.05: Vectors
Ch.06: Equilibrium
Ch.07: Circular Motion and Gravition
Ch.08: Work,Power And Energy
Ch.09: Simple Machines
Ch.10: Properties of Matter
Ch.11: Heat