Study Of Physics

Branches of Physics

1.  Mechanics :
It is the study of motion and the physical effect which influence motion.
Heat and Thermodynamics:
It deals with the thermal energy possessed by the molecule of matter and its use when it flows from one body to an other.

2.  Sound :
It deals with the physical aspects of audiable sound energy

3.  Light :
It deals with the physical aspects of visible light.

4.  Electromagnetism :
It is the study of electromagnetic phenomena
and mutual relationship between them.

5.  Atomic and Molecular Physics :
Matter is composed of atoms and molecules .The study of their properties is called Atomic and Molecular Physics.

6.  Nuclear Physics :
It is the study of the properties of isolated nuclei of the atoms.

7.  Plasma Physics :
Matter assumes the state of gas,comprising of ions and electrons,at a very high temperature.This is called plasma.The study of properties of matter in this state is called Plasma physics.

8.  Solid State Physics :
The study of specific properties of matter in solid form is called Solid State Physics.

There are some branches of Physics, under which we study the combined concepts of Physics and other branches of science.

1.  Astrophysics :
It deals with the branch of knowledge of heavenly bodies and interaction between matter and energy in space.

2.  Geophysics :
The study of the internal structure of the Earth and its activities like seismography is called Geophysics.

3.  Biophysics :
The study of Biological Sciences on the basic principles of Physics is called Biophysics.