Study Of Physics
1.  Mechanics :
It is the study of motion and the physical effect which influence motion.
2. Heat and Thermodynamics:
It deals with the thermal energy possessed by the molecule of matter and its use when it flows from one body to an other.

3.  Sound :
It deals with the physical aspects of audiable sound energy

4.  Light :
It deals with the physical aspects of visible light.

5.  Electromagnetism :
It is the study of electromagnetic phenomena
and mutual relationship between them.

6.  Atomic and Molecular Physics :
Matter is composed of atoms and molecules .The study of their properties is called Atomic and Molecular Physics.

7.  Nuclear Physics :
It is the study of the properties of isolated nuclei of the atoms.

8.  Plasma Physics :
Matter assumes the state of gas,comprising of ions and electrons,at a very high temperature.This is called plasma.The study of properties of matter in this state is called Plasma physics.

9.  Solid State Physics :
The study of specific properties of matter in solid form is called Solid State Physics.


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