Study Of Physics

It is normally thought that Europeans received the light of scientific knowledge from Greek scientists like Pythagoras,Euclid's, Archimedes,Aristotle and Plato,who are thought to be the fathers of scientists.But the true spirit  of research and observation and experimentation was transferred to Europeans by Muslim scientists.





Force applied on the machine.
product of effort and effort arm.
The intermediate distance between fulcrum and effort.
1.  Mechanics :
It is the study of motion and the physical effect which influence motion.
2. Heat and Thermodynamics:
It deals with the thermal energy possessed by the molecule of matter and its use when it flows from one body to an other.

3.  Sound :
It deals with the physical aspects of audiable sound energy

4.  Light :
It deals with the physical aspects of visible light.

5.  Electromagnetism :
It is the study of electromagnetic phenomena
and mutual relationship between them.

6.  Atomic and Molecular Physics :
Matter is composed of atoms and molecules .The study of their properties is called Atomic and Molecular Physics.

7.  Nuclear Physics :
It is the study of the properties of isolated nuclei of the atoms.

8.  Plasma Physics :
Matter assumes the state of gas,comprising of ions and electrons,at a very high temperature.This is called plasma.The study of properties of matter in this state is called Plasma physics.

9.  Solid State Physics :
The study of specific properties of matter in solid form is called Solid State Physics.

Scientific method is a specific method used to search for truth.
It is based on the following steps.
1.     Observation
       The first step in scientific method is to make observations of natural processes and collect the data about them.
For example, it is our common observation that shadow of an opaque object is formed when it is placed in the path of light coming from the Sun or lamp

2.     Hypothesis
        On the basis of the data collected through observation or experiments, we can develop a hypothesis.
This is done in order to test its logical results
For example , from above example , we assume that shadows of opaque objects are formed when they come in the path of light because light travels in a straight line.

3.     Experiment
        Experiment is an organized repeatable process which is used to test the truth of the hypothesis.

4.     Theory
         After the successful verification of an assumption and with the help of  careful experimentation, it become a theory and is applicable  to the similar phenomenon.
For example ,with the help of the above experiment the assumption has been proved that light travels in a straight line.So it then become theory.

5.     Prediction
       After the careful analysis of a theory we can make predictions about certain unknown aspects of nature.
To verify the prediction, a new experiment has to design. If the experimental result is in accurance

6.     Law
          The law is such a statement regarding the behaviour  of nature which axplains the observation of the past and can predict about other aspects of nature.

Loud Speaker
We wake up early in the morning when Azan is called from a mosque on a loud speaker

Water Tap & Tube Well
When we open water tap for ablution for the prayer or for washing up, the water reaches us by following lawas of physics
We draw water from a well with help of pully
We use the well to draw out water from under ground water reservoir.

All means of transport , bicycle,tonga, car, bus ,and aeroplane work on the principle of Physics. Man has already reached at moon ,space stations are being bult up to reache other plants.

Rockets an invention of Physics have opened up pathways between plants
Rockets are use for many purpose.So it is possible with the help of Physics

Television &  V.C.R
The dramas shown on the television and the programs recorded on the V.C.R. for the sake of entertainment , are also the outcome of the research in Physics
Medical Science
Physics has not only made progress in its own field but it has also introduced new avenues of research in other fields of knowledge.
X-rays , Ultrasonic , LASER ,E.C.G, E.E.G, Fiber optics and numerous other such tools have brought revolutionary changesin the diagnostic techniques of medical science.

Ratio of output and input.
There are some branches of Physics, under which we study the combined concepts of Physics and other branches of science.

1.  Astrophysics :
It deals with the branch of knowledge of heavenly bodies and interaction between matter and energy in space.

2.  Geophysics :
The study of the internal structure of the Earth and its activities like seismography is called Geophysics.

3.  Biophysics :
The study of Biological Sciences on the basic principles of Physics is called Biophysics.
The almighty Allah urges the Muslims in the Holy quran to studt nature and to benefit from scientific knowledge.
There are large number of verses in the Holy Quran in which Allah says.
1) "Say (Unto them, O Muhammad,peace be upon him):Are those who know equal with those who know not? (Al-Zumar,Verse9)

"Hast thou not seen how Allah hath sent down water from the sky and hath caused it to penetrate the Earth as water springs, and afterwards thereby produceth crops of divers hues;
and afterward they wither and thou seest them turn yellow; then He maketh them chaff. Lo!herein verily is a reminder for men of understanding." (Al-zumar.verse21)

"Your Allah is one Allah;there is no God but him, the beneficent, the Merciful. Lo!in the creation of the heavens and the Earth, and the difference of night and day,and the ships which run upon the sea with that which is of use to men, and the water which Allah sendeth down from the sky,thereby revivingthe Earth after its death and dispersing all kinds of beasts therein,and(in )the ordinance of the winds,and the clouds obedient between heaven and Earth:are signs (of Allah's sovereignty)for people who have sense."(Al-Baqarah,verse 163,164)